ESET Gateway Security for Linux / BSD / Solaris

Keep Your Network Clean.
ESET delivers gateway security
for Linux / BSD / Solaris networks.

Protect Your Gateways with ESET

ESET Gateway Security protects HTTP and FTP gateways against known and emerging viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, spam, and other Internet threats. For systems with heavy network traffic, ESET Gateway Security features a small footprint and quick response that allow them to thrive and perform at their best.

ESET Gateway Security

Key Benefits

Automatic Bidirectional Protection – Scanning all inbound and outbound HTTP and FTP traffic automatically for signs of known and new malware.

Protection from the Unknown – ESET's award-winning ThreatSense® scanning engine efficiently stops both known threats and new threats as they are released.

Stability and Effectivity – Thanks to the optimized daemon and intelligent partial scanning technique.

Easy to Manage – Via the intuitive, web-based interface.

Smaller Update Packages – The optimized scanning engine decreases the size of update packages and the overall system load.


Key Features

Centralized Management – ESET Remote Administrator simplifies the management of endpoint and server security products across large networks.

Proxy Integration – ESET Gateway Security offers seamless antimalware scanning to protect Gateway services using the SafeSquid Internet proxy.

Pre-Defined Actions – Define actions to be taken based on scan results. For example, block infected file and replace it with a predefined webpage template.

Highly Customizable – Set ESET's scanner parameters with global rules and have the flexibility to override them with user specific rules based on IP addresses.


ESET Remote Administrator

ESET Remote Administrator

With ESET Remote Administrator, you can easily manage tens to even thousands of Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or mobile endpoints — all from a single console. Apply policies and rules, monitor detections, and remotely configure from any networked computer. ESET removes the complexity and repetition out of endpoint security administration.

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System Requirements

Processor Architecture

  • Intel or AMD x86/x64

Operating Systems

  • Linux – Kernel version 2.6.x or higher; glibc 2.3.6 or higher
  • FreeBSD – Version 5.x, 6.x or 7.x
  • NetBSD – Version 4.x
  • Sun Solaris – Version 10
ESET Gateway Security for Linux / BSD / Solaris

More Information

Product Info

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  • Changelog – Browse recent product versions and history of changes including fixes and enhancements.
  • Case Studies – See how ESET products perform in the real business environments.




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