ESET Mail Security 6 for Microsoft Exchange Server

Version: 6.3.10007.0, Size: 102.6 MB

File name: emsx_nt64_enu.msi

The product you are about to download requires ESET Remote Administrator 6 to be managed remotely.
To use ESET Remote Administrator 5, please see the “Other versions” of the product listed below.
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To activate this product you will need a License key. To obtain one, using your current Username and Password, go to ESET License Administrator.



Version 6.3.10007.0

  • Fixed: In a particular combination of outdated program modules the server may crash after installation during first reboot with HIPS enabled.
  • Fixed: The mail database scanning thread could crash with too many or too long addresses in the recipients-field.
  • Fixed: Regular reports on quarantined mail items did not work for Shared mailboxes.
  • Fixed: Editing existing domains or item removals were not reflected in Domain-to-IP lists.
  • Fixed: Resolving domains to IP’s might not work with specific addresses.
  • Fixed: Discovery function required for automatic exclusions could crash randomly due to unexpected query return format.
  • Fixed: NLD – Untranslated strings for public folders in selection tree of On-demand database scan dialog.

Version 6.3.10005.0

  • Fixed: After initial installation on a 32-bit Windows Server 2003 R2, the UI of the product cannot launch successfully without server restart.
  • Fixed: The product installer repair procedure of causes the analysis of application protocols to malfunction permanently.
  • Fixed: Mail server protection log cannot be transferred to ESET Remote Administrator.
  • Fixed: Disabled antispam protection is being reported to ESET Remote Administrator as major functionality issue (red warning) instead of warning-like appearance.
  • Fixed: Without the most recent module updates, certain mail processing rules become dysfunctional because they will not allow choice of any operators from predefined list.
  • Fixed: Greylisting feature occasionally ignores domain-to-IP whitelist if multiple entries with various domains are configured.
  • Fixed: The UI section in mail quarantine does not handle certain HTML tags in a secure manner.
  • Fixed: Under specific circumstances, the uninstallation or repair procedure can stall and requires manual user input to retry and finish the procedure.
  • Fixed: Product installer launched in command-line mode ignores the switch to not install Web and email protection.
  • Fixed: Very long eShell scripts (or endless loops) lead to growing memory allocation due to insufficient memory management.
  • Fixed: Mail processing rules that can assess real file content of mail attachments could fail if not used at mail transport layer but are applied during on-demand database scan or in connection with mailbox database protection instead.
  • Fixed: Various other minor fixes and improvements.

Version 6.2.10012.0

  • Fixed: Application event log shows frequent error identified as "Writing to stream failed" as a result of an issue with internal memory addressing.
  • Fixed: Non-critical memory leak after repeated anti-spam scanning.
  • Fixed: Visibility of scanning progress on blocked removable media.
  • Fixed: Quarantine web interface settings are no longer visible on servers running the Edge Transport role.
  • Fixed: With corresponding rule applied, Excel documents are being filtered out as archives due to their internal structure.
  • Fixed: Filtered domain white- and black-lists exceeding certain number of entries are not correctly processed by UI.
  • Fixed: Various minor UI fixes (tooltips appearance, checkbox displacement, input field alignment, etc.).
  • Fixed: ESET Log Collector (included in the EMSX 6 installer) does not support the new Mail Server Protection log.