ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition for Mac OS X

Version:, Taille: 50.1 MB

Nom de fichier: eset_nod32avbe_fr.dmg




  • Fixed: Remote uninstallation via script “” does not work
  • Fixed: Hovering over some locations on the GUI results in high CPU usage
  • Fixed: Mouse cursor and other elements flicker when hovering over the GUI

Version 4.1.97.x

  • Added: Support for OS X 10.10 Yosemite


  • Added: Support of OS X 10.9 Mavericks
  • Added: Ability to determine if Real-time protection is enabled/disabled using command line
  • Added: Ability to save logs in common formats – CSV, plain text
  • Fixed: Errors related to RTP command line visible to unprivileged users
  • Fixed: Number of issues related to localization

Version 4.1.90 - 4.1.92

  • Added: Admins will always automatically be included in privileged users group; that is, once GUI connects to service under admin account, it is handled as root.
  • Added: Support for remote uninstallation by older versions of ESET Remote Administrator using the script: "/Applications/.esets/Contents/usr/bin/".
  • Fixed: Remote installation from Apple Remote Desktop on Mac OS X 10.5.8 finishing with “Installing esets_daemon” error.
  • Fixed: Kernel panic message after user login.
  • Fixed: Duplicated exclusions in exclusions list on the client.
  • Fixed: Exclusions added from the Real-time protection alert window not shown in the exclusions list.
  • Fixed: Editing exclusions after adding them to the exclusions list from the Real-time protection alert window blanks the threat name.
  • Fixed: When adding file with same name but different threat to exclusions using Real-time protection alert window, the new file replaces the original file instead of creating new entry.
  • Fixed: Symbols *.* not appended to folders containing wildcards added to exclusions from the Setup > Enter application preferences > Protection > Exclusions tab.
  • Fixed: Attempts to synchronize modified TextEdit document with iCloud are denied.
  • Fixed: Changed ownership/mode of cleaned files from user to root.
  • Fixed: Local uninstallation hangs occasionally.
  • Fixed: Uninstaller window opens in background.
  • Fixed: Tooltips in GUI occasionally appearing in unexpected places.
  • Fixed: Submission distribution option of ThreatSense.Net changed based on ESET Remote Administrator configuration task incorrectly displayed in GUI.

Version 4.1.87 – 4.1.89

  • Added: Checking of correct e-mail address format entered when submitting files for analysis
  • Fix: Occasional memory leaks
  • Fix: Occasional freezing or crashing of GUI
  • Fix: Issues with changed ownership/mode of files cleaned by antivirus protection
  • Fix: Issues with creation of remote deployment packages while logged into a domain or directory service
  • Fix: Issues with connectivity to ERA server
  • Fix: Frequent occurrence of esets_mac crashes in the logs
  • Fix: Issues with exiting of running GUI processes during uninstallation
  • Fix: Number of issues related to localization


  • Added: Support for Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8)
  • Fix: Issues with memory leaks causing GUI to crash in specific situations
  • Fix: Issues with limited privileges for Open Directory user accounts
  • Fix: Issues with GUI not starting under Active Directory user accounts
  • Fix: Issues with slowdown of applications
  • Fix: Issues with preventing Macs from going into sleep mode
  • Fix: Drag and Drop scanning of files with double-byte characters in the filename
  • Fix: Scanning of excluded folders displays scanning status

Version 4.0.73 - 4.0.77

  • Added identification of installed competitive anti-virus software before installation
  • Added number of optimizations to improve performance on Mac OS X 10.7.x Lion
  • Fixed issues with slower shutdown of Mac OS X 10.7.x Lion when the product is installed on the system
  • Fixed issues with restoring and excluding files from quarantine using ESET Remote Administrator console
  • Fixed issues with displaying update server list when configured from ESET Remote Administrator console
  • Fixed issues with GUI freeze when setting user privileges locally in networks with large number of Active Directory accounts
  • Fixed issues with slower loading of Top Sites in Safari
  • Fixed issues with slower loading of pages in Google Chrome
  • Fixed issues with displaying logs and quarantine if two or more on-demand scans are running simultaneously
  • Fixed issues with failover update when secondary update server is not configured correctly
  • Fixed issues with occasional crashing of the installer when a web proxy is configured on the system
  • Fixed issue with saving new on-demand scan profiles using names containing double-byte characters
  • Fixed issue with sending an incorrect text string for identification of on-demand scanner into ERA scan log
  • Fixed several localization issues
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