ESET Gateway Security for Linux/BSD/Solaris

Version:, Size: 53.7 MB

File name: esets.i386.nbs4.tgz.bin


Other versions


Version 4.0.8

  • Added: Support for the new multi-license files
  • Fix: Various issues with ESET Remote Administrator V5 configuration editor
  • Fix: Wording inconsistencies between WWWi, ESET Remote Administrator and Console of the product
  • Fix: Problem with procmail detection on Solaris 10
  • Fix: Problem with application not staring when no ESET Username or Password is entered
  • Fix: Problem with WWWi start on Debian and Ubuntu systems

Version 4.0.5

  • Change: new Mailshell AS Engine vrsion 6.3.5 for all packages
  • Fix: problem with antispam update on Sun Solaris 10
  • Fix: problem with mirror functionality on Sun Solaris 10
  • Fix: problem with not appending antispam result header to scanned messages on Sun Solaris 10
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