ESET Mail Security for Linux/BSD/Solaris

ESET Mail Security for Linux/BSD/Solaris

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Nom de fichier: esets.amd64.tgz.bin


Autres versions


Version 3.0.22

  • Fix: problem – not working filtering over HTTPS protocol (ESET Gateway Security)

Version 3.0.21

  • Change: New Mailshell AS Engine Version 6.1.5. for all packages except SUN Solaris & FreeBSD 5
  • Change: Implementation of parameter “ident_scanning_service” in sets_icap.r
  • Change: Added timeout for client connection esets_smtp, esets_imap, esets_pop3
  • Change: added support for autorization of FTP server from the http client
  • Added: esets_lic - new feature - removing expired licenses with parameter: --remove-expired
  • Added: new documentation for Mail/File/Gateway security
  • Fix: problem - esets_setup unable to find zmailer.conf
  • Fix: problem - esets_setup does not work for exim
  • Fix: problem - esets_setup does not work for qmail
  • Fix: problem - esets_daemon does not start automatically on Solaris
  • Fix: problem - Setup can`t find exim configuration file on Solaris
  • Fix: problem - esets_setup does not work with postfix  on Solaris
  • Fix: problem - "Cannot scan: Invalid request" error message, file with / without extension
  • Fix: problem - Esets daemon still present after uninstall on Solaris
  • Fix: problem - Esets_daemon doesn't recognize quarantine_dir variable and quits
  • Fix: problem - Double slash in URL after the domain returns error 404
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