ESET Endpoint Security 6

Verze: 6.4.2014.2, Velikost: 108.6 MB

Název souboru: avremover_ees_nt32_csy.exe

Pokud chcete před instalací produktu ESET bezpečně odinstalovat jiné bezpečnostní aplikace, zvolte instalaci s nástrojem AV Remover.

ESET Endpoint Security a ESET Endpoint Antivirus verze 6 již není možné aktivovat starými licenčními údaji (EAV-číslo a heslo). Pro získání nového licenčního klíče je možné staré údaje přegenerovat na této stránce:

Více informací o novém licenčním systému.


Ostatní verze

ESET Endpoint Security (5.0.2265.1)

Změny ve verzi

Version 6.2.2033.x

  • Added: Search field for long lists and rules (for example, Antispam list, Web control list, etc.)
  • Added: Plugin for Office 2016
  • Fixed: Incorrect parameters displayed in overview when creating scheduled task in Scheduler with weekly repetition on Windows 10
  • Fixed: Firewall profile not overtaken during migration from ESET Endpoint Security 5 to ESET Endpoint Security 6
  • Fixed: SSL Certificates not overtaken after MSI upgrade from ESET Endpoint Security 5 to ESET Endpoint Security 6
  • Fixed: Second scan of removable media does not start when started from notification
  • Fixed: Web control switch indicates enabled status after permanently disabling Web access
  • Fixed: Scan logs not present if product is installed in folder with non-Latin characters or folders with diacritics
  • Fixed: Web access protection not working after application is repaired with MSI package on Windows 7 x64 SP1
  • Fixed: Problems with reactivating product using offline license file without username and password
  • Fixed: Activation fails after reactivation with offline license
  • Fixed: Clicking the Default button does not return Device control to default
  • Fixed: Plugin for Microsoft Outlook 2003 is not correctly integrated
  • Fixed: Revert to default in Personal firewall does not work as expected
  • Fixed: Missing “add” button for SSL certificates in Czech version of Endpoint
  • Fixed: Shutdown after scan does not work as expected in German version of Endpoint
  • Fixed: Minor text modifications
  • Fixed: Minor user experience fixes

Version 6.1.2227.x

  • Fixed: ESET password is not required for Administrator users to temporally disable/re-enable protection
  • Fixed: ESET may freeze when exporting settings with a high number of Web control links (50k+)
  • Fixed: A “Permission” error may occur when saving Advanced setup with a high number of Web control links (50k+)
  • Fixed: Occasional GUI crashes
  • Fixed: Corrupted PLID in right-to-left languages
  • Fixed: Firewall profiles are not migrated during an upgrade from Endpoint version 5 to Endpoint version 6
  • Fixed: Error displayed when trying to integrate with Microsoft Outlook after applying “Enable SSL protocol filtering” setting from ESET Remote Administrator
  • Fixed: Threat events are not shown in the ERA Dashboard
  • Fixed: Some actions are unavailable for a member belonging to Network Configuration Operators group
  • Fixed: The "Profile" drop-down menu option for a Firewall rule is changed to "Any profile" after importing settings
  • Fixed: After minimizing the EGUI from the Watch activity section, the EGUI pane is still visible
  • Fixed: Context menu does not display
  • Fixed: The Remove button deletes a different exclusion than you have selected from ESET Live Grid Exclusion filter window
  • Fixed: Email tag for received and read email via POP3 not added to scanned emails
  • Fixed: Troubleshooting wizard is unavailable if UAC is rejected (the option is greyed out)
  • Fixed: Minor GUI bug fixes