ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server

Version: 4.5.10023.0, Größe: 72.9 MB

Dateiname: emsx_nt32_deu.msi


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Version 4.5.10023.0

  • Added: Infected emails in TNEF (winmail.dat) are no longer cleaned by deleting the entire TNEF content, but individual attachments are replaced by generic English text in an infected attachment
  • Fixed: Fixed bug with attachment rules on Microsoft Exchange Server 2013./li>

Version 4.5.10022.0

  • Fixed: Issue with quarantining messages with empty sender and invalid sender address in "From:" header

Version 4.5.10021.0

  • Added: New scanner setting for detection of potentially dangerous attachments
  • Changed: New version of Mailshell AS engine (6.5.18) & new data files in the MSI package
  • Fixed: Various bug fixes
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