June 23, 2014 | Bratislava/Jena

ESET launches German edition of WeLiveSecurity.com to supply German-speaking IT community with security insights

Global security vendor offers German-speaking countries the benefits of its security news site.

IT security provider ESET® today announces the launch of the German edition of its WeLiveSecurity.com site, offering German-speakers access to this world-class security news resource. After months of development, testing and localization, WeLiveSecurity.com/deutsch has now gone live.

WeLiveSecurity.com has been around for just over a year, but has already established itself as an effective tool for delivering the latest findings of ESET's global network of security researchers, who are currently working on hundreds of projects and uncovering the activities of hackers and other cyber criminals. The decision to add German to the available languages on the site was a natural step.

"German readers form the fourth strongest community visiting the platform, after countries where English is the native language. Providing them with native German content, continuously updated, will definitely help increase awareness of security topics among a range of readers, including admins who are looking for information on how to protect their systems, and parents trying to find straightforward guidelines on how to protect their kids – and their wallets,"
explains Thomas Uhlemann, Security Specialist at ESET Deutschland.

By launching the site for German-speaking users, ESET is fulfilling the second of the promises it gave at the original launch, following the inauguration of the site in Spanish in February this year.

"We are happy that we have the site available in German now. This means that we are successfully fulfilling what we promised and are broadening the global reach of WeLiveSecurity.com. We are also continuously growing the number of our experts and by doing so also covering a wider range of security-related topics and breaking news,“
says Eddie Johnson, Marketing Communication Director at ESET HQ.

Since March 2013, when WeLiveSecurity.com launched in English, the site offered their readers detailed investigations of numerous cybercrimes. One of the most high profile ones discovered by ESET’s security experts was the Operation Windigo, world’s biggest organized cybercrime infecting over 25,000 UNIX servers. The site offers all findings of ESET’s security experts as whitepapers with practical instruction for removing the malicious code.