ESET File Security 6 for Microsoft Windows Server

ESET File Security 6 for Microsoft Windows Server

The product you are about to download requires ESET Remote Administrator 6 to be managed remotely.
To use ESET Remote Administrator 5, please see the “Other versions” of the product listed below.
Check here to confirm which version of ESET Remote Administrator you will require to remotely manage this product.
To activate this product you will need a License key. To obtain one, using your current Username and Password, go to ESET License Administrator.


Other versions


Version 6.2.12007.0 (compared to 6.0.12035.0 released on March 31, 2015)

  • Added: Hyper-V storage scan allows inspection of virtual machines (both turned off and running) hosted by the server with enabled Hyper-V role NOTE: A scan of running VMs is possible only on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and newer
  • Added: Exclusions of separate processes to improve stability, performance and availability of critical services (for example, a backup)
  • Improved: Settings synchronization across cluster nodes works properly even if centrally managed by ESET Remote Administrator
  • Fixed: License synchronization issue between cluster nodes does not work correctly
  • Fixed: Configuration for suppressing specific status messages in ESET Graphical User Interface (eGUI) does not work for eShell (suppressed notifications are always displayed in eShell)
  • Fixed: If the ESET product has been activated using License Key or Security Admin account, and then Offline file is used for re-activation, subsequent re-activation with the License Key or Security Admin account is not possible
  • Fixed: Despite a central policy from ESET Remote Administrator with settings lock in place, users with administrative rights can revert product settings to default values locally and thereby override the policy up to the point of the next policy sync with ERA

Version 6.0.12035.0 (compared to 6.0.12032.0)

  • Fixed: GUI crash on workstations if the system CPU does not support SSE/SSE2 instruction set
  • Fixed: Product update section and “About” information shows different versions of virus signature database because of unexpected application kernel crash due to internal configuration reload
  • Fixed: Possible ekrn.exe memory leak
  • Fixed: Issues when upgrading from version 4.5 with unfinished Windows system updates prior to a system reboot to apply the updates
  • Fixed: Translation issues in localized versions
  • Fixed: Other minor bug fixes
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