ESET Mail Security for IBM Lotus Domino

ESET Mail Security for IBM Lotus Domino

The product you are about to download can be managed remotely using ESET Remote Administrator 6 or ESET Remote Administrator 5.
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Version 4.5.14059.0

  • Added: Support for monitoring via WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)
  • Added: Extended diagnostic logging
  • Fixed: Issue with resident protection causing blue screen error (BSOD) under specific preconditions
  • Fixed: Issue with resident protection driver blocking Live Migration on Hyper-V server (2008 R2)
  • Fixed: Error with incorrectly applied exclusions for units connected to directory via “mounted volumes”

Version 4.5.14057.0

  • Added: Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 & IBM Lotus Domino 9.0 Social Edition
  • Added: New eShell 1.1 features – script signing, go to root context command
  • Changed: Improved detection of the following files – AutoCAD, Microsoft Visio, CorelDRAW files
  • Changed: An On-demand database scan will not run without valid license
  • Changed: Automatic memory allocation for On-demand scan tasks
  • Changed: “” database has been added to excluded databases in GUI
  • Changed: Registration of router process only for “Update” event and not allowing working with database
  • Fixed: Issues within scanning thread erasing DEAD messages
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