ESET Remote Administrator 6 Standalone Installers

ESET Remote Administrator 6 Standalone Installers


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Version (compared to released on October 6, 2015)

  • Added: Mobile Device Management for Apple iOS devices (ability to enroll iOS devices into ERA, configure policies, and execute Anti-Theft actions)
  • Added: Support for ESET Virtualization Security for VMware vShield (new component, ESET Virtual Agent Host allows virtualization of agents for all VMs protected with agentless solution using VMware vShield Endpoint)
  • Added: Support for SysLog export (ability to send to a SysLog server, which exports the logged Notifications area (for example, Scan Log, Virus Log, Firewall Log) from ESET Remote Administrator Server)
  • Added: User Management (ability to synchronize users lists from Active Directory to use them in ERA reports and policies (Web control/Device control/iOS profiles))
  • Added: Ability to search within a policy tree
  • Added: Option to create new ESET Remote Administrator Certification Authority during Certificate creation
  • Added: Option to install or upgrade standalone Apache HTTP Proxy is available in the all-in one installer
  • Changed: Completely redesigned tasks and triggers section to allow the ability to observe granular tasks status and rerun tasks including failed tasks
  • Changed: Licensing view now includes information about “subunits” (mailboxes, connections, users) and their use, and also displays license type
  • Changed: Anti-Theft actions task has been improved and icons of supported platforms have been added to task details
  • Improved: It is now possible to view SysInspector snapshots history and logs in the Client Details window and to view exported configurations as a list with the possibility to expand details for each export
  • Improved: Redesigned mobile device enrollment process
  • Improved: it is now possible to use a “does not contain” condition (negation) in dynamic group creation wizard
  • Improved: Other minor usability improvements
  • Improved: Dynamic groups for mobile devices are added by default
  • Improved: Documentation improvements and changes
  • Fixed: System is unresponsive or crashes with ERA Agent and ERA Server installed, due to issues caused by Microsoft WFP bug
  • Fixed: “Threat Details” option is unavailable from some threat reports
  • Fixed: Problems with ESET Remote Administrator agent waking up computers from sleep
  • Fixed: Admin cannot remove password protection from policy without knowing the client password
  • Fixed: Agent UUID is displayed in generated email for notification instead of the computer name
  • Fixed: Unable to deploy ESET Remote Administrator for Mac OS X on OS X 10.11 El Capitan
  • Fixed: Reported application crashes
  • Fixed: Other minor bug fixes

Version (compared to released on May 20, 2015 )

  • Added: Post-installation task wizard for deploying the ERA appliance
  • Added: User login protection with two-factor authentication
  • Added: Support for ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server 6.2, ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server 6.2, ESET Endpoint Security 6.1 for OS X 6.1 and ESET Virtualization Security (in the form of new tasks, logs and configurations)
  • Added: View ESET SysInspector Logs in ESET Remote Administrator Web Console
  • Added: Option to migrate policies from ESET Remote Administrator version 5 and ability to change exported configuration into policy
  • Added: Offline Mirror Tool to create stand-alone offline update mirror for ESET endpoint products
  • Added: New server tasks to automatically remove non-connecting computers and to automatically rename computers using FQDN or Computer name
  • Added: Option to deactivate licenses on computers using a Server Task
  • Added: New dashboard section that shows versions of installed application and the status when applications are out-of-date (for example, when newer versions of applications are available)
  • Improved: Threats options in the Web Console have been improved (for example, “Threat Details” have been added), and managing threats has been changed for improved user experience
  • Improved: All-in-one installer has been improved, it now allows installations of SQL Express 2014 on newer systems, installation of another SQL Express instance, option to select Mobile Device Connector installation, and installation support on Microsoft Small Business Server and Domain Controllers
  • Improved: All-in-one installer can be used for uninstallation of ESET Remote Administrator components
  • Improved: ERA appliance deployment has been redesigned and post-deployment setup can now be performed using the Web Console
  • Improved: Tasks now include trace-level information in new “trace message” column in the Executions tab of task details to provide troubleshooting information
  • Improved: Ability to pin closed the left Web Console pane
  • Improved: A refresh button has been added to applicable Web Console screens
  • Improved: Several context menu options have been added to various Web Console screens
  • Improved: Ability to filter computers based on workgroup memberships using the Dynamic group template expression
  • Improved: Other usability and Web Console performance improvements
  • Fixed: Issue when “Last connected time” shown for a mobile device does not show the actual connection time of the device, but only the last replication on the associated agent instance from ESET Mobile Device Connector
  • Fixed: When you uninstall the ESET Remote Administrator Agent from version 5.x and 4.x ESET business products, the license seat will remain "used,” and it will not return the seat back to the pool (as it would for ESET Endpoint Antivirus and ESET Endpoint Security 6)
  • Fixed: OVA Appliances for ESET Remote Administrator Proxy and ESET Mobile Device Connector was supported only on VMware vSphere
  • Fixed: Computer name resolution does not work correctly in cases where the computer connects to ESET Remote Administrator Server for the first time and is behind a NAT or visible by ISP IP Address
  • Fixed: It was not possible to uninstall password-protected ESET products using ESET Remote Administrator (password protection must be disabled first)
  • Fixed: An incorrect IP address of a computer is sometimes shown in ESET Remote Administrator Web Console when the computer has multiple network adapters
  • Fixed: Live Agent Installer on Windows XP 32-bit SP3 requested elevated privileges (displayed a pop-up message)
  • Fixed: Proxy does not cache installer packages for the ESET Remote Administrator Agent on Windows and OS X, when push deployment is performed
  • Fixed: You cannot correctly perform an upgrade of ESET Remote Administrator Agent on OS X (for example, Agent upgrade on OS X 10.9 via task will not work)
  • Fixed: Various other bug fixes