ESET File Security 6 for Microsoft Windows Server

Version: 6.0.12035.1, Taille: 78.6 MB

Nom de fichier: efsw_nt32_fra.msi


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Version 6.0.12035.0 (compared to 6.0.12032.0)

  • Fixed: GUI crash on workstations if the system CPU does not support SSE/SSE2 instruction set
  • Fixed: Product update section and “About” information shows different versions of virus signature database because of unexpected application kernel crash due to internal configuration reload
  • Fixed: Possible ekrn.exe memory leak
  • Fixed: Issues when upgrading from version 4.5 with unfinished Windows system updates prior to a system reboot to apply the updates
  • Fixed: Translation issues in localized versions
  • Fixed: Other minor bug fixes
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