ESET Endpoint Solutions Release Candidate

Better, smarter detection meets
enhanced management and usability

Known Issues

ESET Remote Administrator: Build

Installation – Upgrading from Beta 5.0.103 to RC is not possible due to the product name changes. SOLUTION: Uninstall Beta before installing RC.

Installation – Error notification “Selected server port is not available. Please select a different port.”

SOLUTION: Ensure that prior to installation launch the ports are not used by any other server-type application. Once the installer detects that the ports are occupied and shows the warning, you cannot go one step back in the installation process or press the button for repeated port testing after confirming the warning. Confirm the warning and continue with the installation by clicking ‘Next’.

Remote Installation – Push diagnostics and installation will fail on Windows Vista and newer OS when installing in domain environment with specific domain account.

Installation – Install and uninstall of Mac OS package fails when created directly in the Clients tab.

SOLUTION: Right-click anywhere in the client pane and choose ‘Remote Installation’. The installation must be launched in ERA’s Remote Install tab.

Task – The IPv4 field is not filled when searching for computers using IPv6 address rang.

Task – Unix scheduler is not designed to support task merging and therefore the results are different during replication process compared to Windows-based scheduler.

Reports – Most of the reports that can generate additional linked data in .CSV-format deliver duplicated or incorrect data columns.

Configuration Editor – In same cases the following issues may occur: dialog windows will close when renaming policies, changes will discard without warning or old policy name will show during editing or saving.

ESET Endpoint Security and ESET Endpoint Antivirus: Build 5.0.2113.0

Installation – Upgrading from Beta 5.0.2008.0 to RC 5.0.2113.0 is not possible due to the product name changes.

SOLUTION: Uninstall previous Beta before installing current RC.

Installation – System may go into BSOD while booting after restart. Identified on Windows XP SP3 (32-bit).

Installation – The HIPS module is disabled intentionally and will start after installation on SBS2008 and SBS2011. A future build will resolve the issue by module update.

Updating Endpoints - During a PCU upgrade pushed to a client from ERA, a system dialog appears on the endpoint that requires user interaction to continue.

Conflict – “Web control is filtering only partially” message occurs when updating from an ERA mirror only without valid credentials entered in the Endpoint.

Reporting – Files that are manually quarantined by the user are not reported when the client connects to ERA server.


5.0.2008.0 - 5.0.2113.0

  • Added: Product name change implemented
  • Added: Device control functionality
  • Added: Web control functionality
  • Added: Client setup for Update rollback functionality
  • Added: Automatic scanning of removable media
  • Added: Client setup for plain text logging
  • Added: User can delay a scheduled scan
  • Added: Ability of mirror update server to serve updates in small packages
  • Fix: ESET Endpoint Security cannot be installed on Windows NT
  • Fix: Product crashing after system restart on Windows NT/Windows 2000
  • Fix: Occasional BSOD during system startup
  • Fix: System startup blocked if the product is not installed on the default disk partition
  • Fix: Product checking for newer version online before installation
  • Fix: Unable to access specified device, path, or file when HIPS is set to Policy-based mode
  • Fix: Randomization of tasks sent from ERA not working correctly
  • Fix: Occasional GUI crash during installation on Windows XP (32-bit)
  • Fix: New hardware detected notification window does not appear when FireWire device is connected
  • Fix: Missing notification about restart required when disabling Anti-Stealth