Cisco NAC (Network Admission Control) is a technology that works in concert with Cisco network devices to ensure a clean and secure network environment. The NAC system enforces security policies by enabling or blocking access to critical network resources based on the detected client security status.

An endpoint running an antivirus program with an outdated virus signature database can pose a serious security risk to the entire network. The antivirus program may fail to detect the most recent malware threats in the network, resulting in an infection and further spread of the new threat throughout the network.

Cisco NAC interoperates with endpoints protected by ESET Endpoint Antivirus and ESET Endpoint Security. ESET Plugin for Cisco NAC will enable ESET Endpoint Antivirus and ESET Endpoint Security to respond with security status, including version information of the virus signature database on an endpoint, before the Cisco NAC server grants that endpoint admission to the company network. This helps ensure a high level of security within the company network. With the ESET Plugin for Cisco NAC, earlier versions of ESET NOD32 Antivirus and ESET Smart Security are also ensured interoperability.


More Information


ESET Plugin for Cisco NAC and product documentation.

Client-Side Requirements

  • Processor Architecture: Intel Pentium (x86) or compatible for 32-bit AMD64 (x86-64) or compatible for 64-bit
  • Processor Speed: 300MHz or faster
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Home Server (preliminary)
  • Memory: approximately 40MB
  • Disk-Space (Download): approximately 30MB
  • Disk-Space (Installation): approximately 40MB

Server-Side Requirements

  • Cisco router, or Cisco switch supporting Cisco NAC
  • Cisco NAC device configured for Cisco NAC


  • On client computers, Cisco CTA (Cisco Trust Agent) must be installed (Cisco Trust Agent—Windows—Supplicant— and higher)
  • ESET Endpoint Security or ESET Endpoint Antivirus installed on client computers
  • ACS 4.1 or 4.0 installed on NAC server
  • Correctly configured ACS (users, groups, rights, policy, control rules)
  • PVS for client validation (can be configured directly in NAC)

Server must contain:

  • Microsoft IIS 5.1 or higher with. NET framework 2.0 or higher, or Apache server 2.2 or higher with PHP 5 installed
  • Internet connection for downloading referential update files
  • ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server (optional)