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Linux Gateway secured

ESET Gateway Security for Linux / BSD / Solaris

ESET Gateway Security for Linux / BSD / Solaris:

  • Low System Demands. Leaves more system resources free while still delivering complete protection
  • Remote Management. Compatible with ESET Remote Administrator
  • Employing ESET's award-winning ThreatSense® scanning engine

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Eliminates all types of threats, including viruses, rootkits, worms and spyware

Provides real-time on-access scanning of HTTP and FTP protocols

Scans large files without delay for a consistent level of network security

Powered by the advanced ThreatSense® technology combining speed, accuracy and minimal system impact

Compatible with ESET Remote Administrator and supports management through a web interface

Delivers detailed information about system activity and infected endpoints

Offers a set of pre-defined actions after scanning completes


Customizable black/white -listing of websites

Provides ICAP server role support

Supports SafeSquid and SafeSquid Internet Proxy Cache

Runs all executive agents under non-privileged user account

Possibility to override global rules with user specific rules based on IP addresses.


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