ESET for healthcare companies

ESET security keeps your systems protected against malware and addresses patient privacy as well as HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI compliance.

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Keeping your network healthy

More than ever, the world of medicine is rapidly changing thanks to advances in technology. And while these advancements have made providing better patient care easier, they’ve also made healthcare security for devices more necessary.

Whether you’re a neighborhood dentist or a 500-bed hospital, ESET can help any medical professional make the most of new technology, such as mobile and telemedicine devices, while protecting patient data and adhering to tighter compliance requirements.

See how the healthcare industry uses ESET to safeguard data

Head-to-toe protection

Ensure that patient data stored on removable drives, laptops, and emails is unreadable to unauthorized parties, giving you safety from HIPAA penalties.

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Secure authentication
Our two-factor, one-time password solution can be set up in just 10 minutes and limits access to authorized users only.

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Professional services
Our professional services support your compliance efforts with cyber threat assessments and cybersecurity training.

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Build your solution

Our ESET specialists are here to help you customize the right security bundle for your business.

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