Simple-to-use encryption service for companies large and small

Minimize data breaches with simple yet powerful full-disk encryption

Select from advanced standards-based encryption algorithms to meet regulatory compliance requirements

Set policies to encrypt hard drives, removable media, files and email

Easily manage any user or workstation remotely, including real-time key sharing among clients for secure workgroup collaboration

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Why DESlock+

Client & Server Side

System Requirements

Why DESlock+®

DESlock+ is a simple-to-use encryption application for companies large and small. Take advantage of the optimized setup that speeds up the adoption time for admins.

The client side requires minimal user interaction, increasing user compliance and data security with just a single MSI package.

The server side makes it easy to manage users and workstations and extends protection beyond the perimeter of your network.


Client Side

Data is a critical part of every organization, but when it travels or is transmitted beyond the corporate network, it often poses a huge risk. Meet your data security compliance obligations with a single MSI package.

  • Full disk and removable media encryption protects data stored or sent using laptop computers
  • File, folder and email encryption enables fully secure collaboration across complex workgroups and team boundaries
  • Security policy enforcement deployable at all endpoints by the DESlock+ Enterprise Server
  • A single MSI package makes it easier to deploy and implement across your endpoints

Server Side

The DESlock+ Enterprise Server can manage users and workstations independently or in many-to-many relationships. Home and mobile working extends your encryption security policies beyond the perimeter of your network and only DESlock+ offers full control wherever your users are.

  • Remote central management applicable for any user or workstation with a standard Internet connection
  • Secure HTTPS connectivity allows control of clients and encryption keys inside and out of existing security boundaries
  • Security key management, a patent-pending technology lets you add or remove encryption keys or change the encryption policy remotely and silently
  • Enterprise server proxy when used as an intermediary, sends SSL-encrypted outgoing connections from clients and server. All information is encrypted to either RSA or AES algorithms

Server Side

• Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 – 2008
• Microsoft® Windows® 7
• Microsoft® Windows® Vista
• Microsoft® Windows® XP SP 3

Client Side

• Microsoft® Windows® 7
• Microsoft® Windows® Vista
• Microsoft® Windows® XP SP 3


• FIPS 140-2 level 1

Algorithms and Standards

• AES 256 bit
• AES 128 bit
• SHA 256 bit
• SHA-1 160 bit
• RSA 1024 bit
• Triple DES 112 bit
• Blowfish 128 bit


Standard Edition

DESlock+ Pro

Full Disk Encryption


Fast and transparent pre-boot security.

Removable Media Encryption    

Policy-driven removable media encryption suitable for any corporate security policy.

Deslock+ Go Portable Encryption    

Easy to use on-device software for use on unlicensed systems.

File and Folder Encryption    

Fast and transparent, provides an extra layer of security.

Outlook Plugin for Email and Attachments    

Easily send and receive encrypted e-mails and attachments through Outlook.

Text and Clipboard Encryption    

Encrypt all or part of a text window - web-browsers, database memo-fields or web-mail.

Virtual Disks and Encrypted Archives    

Create a secure, encrypted volume on your PC or in another location or an encrypted copy of an entire directory tree and its files.

Central Management    

Full control of licensing and software features, security policy and encryption keys.

Secure File Shredder    

Securely delete the contents of the recycle bin, temporary files, Internet explorer history and other information per DoD 5220.22-M and other standards.


A single install serves all license types. Upgrading and renewing requires no reinstall and is as simple as entering an activation code.

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