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ESET outperforms in detection and performance tests

In antivirus comparisons, ESET® consistently outperforms the competition with outstanding results in detection and performance tests, making it the clear choice for your network's security solution. Given the sheer volume of malware that exists today, it’s essential to have the best virus protection software possible. See how ESET Endpoint Security Solutions compare to products from other global vendors in detection and performance.

Best in-the-wild virus detection

Awards success ratio (%)
Source: www.virusbtn.com (May 1998 - Oct. 2013)
Selected antivirus vendors (not a complete list)
Virus Bulletin Awards

To receive a VB100 award, the product must detect all the In-the-Wild viruses while generating zero false positives. ESET NOD32® has never missed an In-the-Wild virus.


File access lag time

Scan time (s/GB)
Awards success ratio (%)
Source: www.virusbtn.com (June 2013)
Trend Micro/McAfee - not available/not tested
Virus Bulletin Awards

Virus Bulletin testing shows ESET introduces minimal overhead to file access; delivering protection without compromising performance. A faster scanning rate offers better system performance allowing the user to be more productive while spending less time waiting for files to copy.


The most Advanced+ awards in retrospective tests

Source: www.av-comparatives.org (Dec. 2013)
Not a complete list of vendors.
Not all vendors participated in every test from 2004-2013

ESET has more “Advanced+” awards in retrospective tests than any other vendor. To receive this highest ranking, product has to have excellent detection rates and low false positives.


Low false positives

Source: www.av-comparatives.org (Sep. 2013)

False positives are an important measurement for AV quality, as they can require valuable engineering and support resources to resolve and can even result in lost data. The fewer the false positives, the more reliable the security solution.