Channel-focused; no direct business sales

High margins and incentive programs

Dedicated U. S.-based partner support teams

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Strong recurring revenue stream

Managed service provider (MSP) program available

Full suite of award-winning products
and computer software consultation


Partner Benefits

MSP Program


Proven technology
ESET business solutions are powered by ESET NOD32® technology, which has won more than 75 VB100 awards for malware detection and has never missed an "In the Wild" virus since testing began in 1998.

Built for speed
ESET technology is fast and unobtrusive. Even disk-intensive operations like full disk scans run in the background without affecting end-user productivity. The formula is simple: industry-leading detection plus a small system footprint equals happy clients who Enjoy Safer Technology™ and make fewer support calls.

See how ESET stacks up against competitors

ESET business solutions help take on some of the burdensome system configurations and administration tasks, freeing IT resources for more valuable work.

Industry presence
Apart from its award-winning suite of business solutions, ESET has worked hard to establish and sustain a reliable and trusted network of strong partnerships. ESET values channel partners and is recognized for consistently delivering channel value.

ESET values its partnerships so highly that we are 100% channel focused for our business products. Our partner program is designed to increase your revenue and profitability while offering your business a model that is easy to understand and manage.

Rich programs

  • Partner levels to fit your business needs–gold, silver, bronze and consultant
  • Generous marketing development funds (MDF) and customized marketing plans tailored to your market
  • Volume incentive rebates (VIR) designed to enhance your profitability
  • Deal registration program to help you protect your business
  • Early access to products through the beta program
  • Strong vertical market focus, including healthcare, finance, education and government

Dedicated support

  • Sales and pre-sales support including dedicated sales team (new and renewal) and pre-sales engineer, pre-qualified leads and RFP and RFQ support
  • Regular sales and technical training to help you close more business, increase your competitive edge and keep you informed of product updates
  • Intuitive and informative partner center allowing you quick access to placing orders, generating quotes, marketing materials and product announcements
  • Regularly scheduled business reviews ensuring your company is able to take advantage of all the program benefits and profitability

ESET is committed to increasing value and profitability to our partners. For more information please contact ESET channel sales at (619) 876-5757 or complete the partner application to be contacted by a member of the channel sales team.

The ESET Managed Service Provider program combines the award-winning ESET product line with integrated client-management via the familiar and easy-to-use ESET Remote Administrator. New and existing partners benefit from centralized product administration, flexible month-to-month billing and aggregate license management.

  • Flexible month-to-month billing for all MSP clients
  • Combine clients to reach aggregate volume discounts and increased profit margins
  • Dynamically add and remove licenses without penalty
  • Use one remote administrator to manage all clients
  • Built on the familiar and powerful ESET Remote Administrator

ESET Remote Administrator Plug-in for Kaseya

  • Integrates with the Kaseya® Virtual System Administrator™
  • Streamlines operations while improving end user security
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“From the beginning, I was impressed with the ESET Partner Program. It’s not ‘what you can do for me?’ but rather ‘what can we do together?’” ESET is very hands-on and aggressive with training, trade shows and lead closure. It was a stark contrast to what I had become accustomed to. I suddenly realized it doesn't make sense for me to partner with the big names like McAfee® or Symantec® for three reasons: their programs are saturated, margins are slim and there is no spirit of teamwork. Everybody is on their own."

    —Peter Streips, Network Security Group; Gold Level Partner, Northeast Region

Network Security Group


“Our customers were using all the big names for AV: however, they were having a lot of issues with those products being bloated, becoming resource hogs, missing viruses and offering poor technical support. We brought ESET in because it's very lightweight, with a small footprint and fast scanning speeds. With its superior heuristics, ESET NOD32 doesn't need a signature to detect a threat. Our customers love it for all of these reasons. It's a real 'set it and forget it.' ”

"During the pre-sales phase, we can have all the components up and running in about an hour, including the central management system.  During this time, we then monitor what we see on those systems.  More often than not, ESET finds something other AV companies have NOT found, so we'll clean it off the system. The end result is a cleaner, noticeably faster network."

    —Chris Metcalf, Total Tech; Gold Level Partner, Southwest Region

Total Tech