April 25, 2012 | San Diego,CA | Press Releases

ESET Releases BETA Versions of Next Generation Products for Mac: New Line ESET Cyber Security Pro and ESET Cyber Security

ESET, today announced the BETA launch of the next generation of ESET products: ESET Cyber Security, and adding a brand new product to its portfolio - ESET Cyber Security Pro. Both deliver ultimate protection against emerging threats for the Mac platform, as well as security against cross-platform attacks targeting Windows or Linux based systems in mixed networks. ESET Cyber Security BETA and ESET Cyber Security Pro BETA offer more than a dozen new or enhanced features. ESET Cyber Security Pro BETA comes with all the features of ESET Cyber Security BETA, plus personal firewall and parental control.

ESET’s advanced ThreatSense scanning engine delivers the comprehensive detection capability needed to stop known threats from harming users’ computers and neutralizes new attacks like the Flashback Trojan that has according to the ESET research infected more than 500,000 Mac computers. Ultimate protection is enhanced by ESET’s cloud-powered reputation system called ESET Live Grid®. ESET invites Mac users to join in public testing of ESET Cyber Security BETA and ESET Cyber Security Pro BETA both are available for free download at ESET.com.

"The use of Mac platform is on the rise and cyber criminals are fast adapting to this new situation. Even as Mac users themselves are often not targets of attack, they can act as carriers for infections that can infiltrate other platforms,” said Mario Turner, ESET product manager for Mac platform. 

ESET Cyber Security adds an extra layer of protection to Apple’s built-in Internet security features, detecting and blocking attempts to infect users’ computers. ESET Cyber Security focuses on effective detection of yet unknown malware by utilizing advanced heuristics, generic signatures and genetic technology and is engineered with low memory usage and minimal notifications to protect Macs while keeping them running at peak performance.

Selected New Features of ESET Cyber Security Pro and ESET Cyber Security

Parental Control (available only in the Pro version): Gives users the option to employ the web page filter functionality allowing them to set up a “role” for each account. Each role has its own set of default URL categories (editable), which dictates whether it should or should not be displayed to the user while browsing. The user also has the option to black/white-list additional web pages and applications to be blocked or allowed for a particular account.

Personal Firewall (available only in the Pro version):  Newly integrated firewall prevents unauthorized users from accessing a computer remotely and allows the root user to define a range of profiles, each with special settings assigned for a specific situation.

Cloud-Powered Scanning (ESET Live Grid): Optimization of scanning based on whitelisting of "safe" files, in line with the file reputation database in the cloud. This functionality limits possible false positives to a very minimum. ESET Live Grid identifies “safe” files on the user's hard drive improving the scanning performance with passing time.

Web and Email Scanning: Enhanced Proxy server agent for Email > POP3/IMAP and Web > HTTP scanning. This functionality is integrated independently from Mail/Web client solution.

Removable Media Control: Adds another level of protection allowing the user to scan any potentially unsafe removable device for potential threats (USB, CD, DVD, Fire wire).

Cloud Statistics: Provides a list of running processes displaying data specified by: the risk level, number of users, time of discovery and application bundle ID.

For details and all new and enhanced features, please visit ESET.com.

ESET would like to thank its Mac customers for taking part in our BETA program. If you have experienced any problems or would like to submit feedback, please fill in the form on this page: http://www.eset.com/us/beta/form/


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