July 13, 2011 | San Diego, CA | Press Releases

ESET Releases June Global Threat Report

ESET today announced that, according to the statistical information from ThreatSense.Net, ESET's cloud-based malware collection system, INF/Autorun was the most wide-spread malware both in Europe (5.56 percent) and globally (6.72 percent) for the month of June. Coming in second was Win32/Conficker with 2.77 percent in Europe and 6.72 percent globally.

INF/Autorun is a label that describes a variety of malware using the autorun.inf file as a way to compromise a PC. This file contains information on programs meant to run automatically when removable media (often USB flash drives) are accessed by a Windows PC user. The Win32/Conficker is a network worm originally propagated by exploiting a vulnerability in the Windows operating system.

Global Threats According to ESET ThreatSense.Net® (June 2011)

These are malware oldtimers, as most new cyber threats lie in the use of social media. A recent Survey commissioned by ESET and conducted online by Harris Interactive from May 31-June 2, 2011, among 2,027 U.S. adults 18+, found a startling disconnect between user concerns about privacy and security and their actions on social networking sites. The study found that 69 percent of online social networking account owners are concerned about security on social networking sites, yet one third of them have never changed their passwords for their social networking accounts and another 15 percent last changed their password more than one year ago.

"Moreover, the survey revealed that one in ten online Americans with social networking accounts have reported that an unknown party gained unauthorized access to their social networking account to spread malicious links and comments. This is particularly alarming since unauthorized access can threaten account owners' cybersecurity as well as that of their contacts," says Randy Abrams, Director of Technical Education at ESET.

The survey also found that 67 percent of account owners claimed that they were concerned about privacy issues, yet 55 percent of the account owners update their privacy settings less often than once every six months, if ever. This can be problematic. For example, Facebook makes it extremely difficult to know when you need to change settings because they virtually never advise users when they are making changes that may affect user privacy.

A common misconception has many users believing that social networking safety and privacy is entirely outside of their control. This is not the case—one can easily improve their online security if they follow these simple guidelines:

·         Use strong passwords

·         Know your options when it comes to privacy, and check back often

·         Know who your real "friends" are


INF/Autorun has repeatedly been in top position in European threat statistics with an overall 5.56 percent infection rate. It was the top malware in Austria (4.36 percent), Spain (4.79 percent), Ukraine (5.67 percent), Israel (6.73 percent), Poland (9.14 percent) and South Africa (10.38 percent) among others.

Number two in the European stats, Win32/Conficker (2.77 percent), was in the top ten of most EMEA countries, including number one in Bulgaria (7.58 percent) and number two in Ukraine (4.20 percent) and Spain (3.09 percent). Win32/Autoit was the number one threat in Turkey (10.06 percent).

Threats in Europe According to ESET ThreatSense.Net® (June 2011)

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ThreatSense.Net® is ESET's in-the-cloud malware collection system utilizing data from users of ESET solutions worldwide. This continual streaming of information provides ESET Virus Lab specialists with a real-time accurate snapshot of the nature and scope of global infiltrations. Careful analysis of the threats, attack vectors and patterns serves ESET to fine-tune all heuristic and signature updates to protect its users against tomorrow's threats.

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