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This is a large group of viruses derived from the Jeruzalem virus. They infect EXE and COM files {except COMMAND.COM), diskettes boot sectors and hard disk MBR Files on disk will increase in length by 2224 to 4096 bytes. If the viruses infect diskettes they format an additional track on them. On it they store the original boot sector and rest of body. The viruses were given their name because of the fact that some of them activate destruction code when ACAD.EXE program is executed. They destroy the contents of files on disk, or erase the contents of CMOS memory. The virus slows down the computer because with every call of INT 8 it implements an empty cycle {18.2 times per second}.

Variants AntiCad.4096.Mozart and AntiCad.4096.Danube play classical melodies. In the body of the viruses there are various coded texts that are occasionally displayed on the screen.

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