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This is a coded COM and EXE infector. It infects files when they are executed. It avoids COMMAND.COM and WIN.COM files, files with length less than 1280 bytes and more that 50000 bytes, and files with COM extension starting with characters NE and PE. If at the time of starting an infected program the number of minutes equals the number of seconds the virus will manifest itself by displaying the following text:

This virus ain't no BOZA, this is a [Anti_PC-Revue2R]!!!
If the number of seconds equals ten a different text will be displayed:
The Bulls have lost just 10 games last year...[MJ's work!]
The virus contains also other texts and all of them are coded.
This virus was written on an 8088 [TASM2.61]. Funny din't it [in 1997]?!
Dedicated to the one I love

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