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This is a 2111 bytes long COM and EXE infector. When it is first installed into memory it redirects the interrupts INT 21h and INT 9 to its body. The virus infects files only when they are being started. It attacks the COMMAND.COM file in a weird way. Body of the virus is attached to the end of the file and to a certain location in COMMAND.COM a jump, which will transfer control to the virus, is written. Depending on the system timer the virus manipulates characters in the keyboard storage. If numbers indicating hours, minutes and seconds are identical at the time when the infected file is started text encoded in the virus will be displayed.

Dobry den,predstavuje se Vam virus AntiSkola.
Tento virus byl napsan pro demonstraci idealniho preziti viru ve skolnim prostredi.Doufam, ze se Vam bude libit. Moje podekovani patri zejmena :
Firme Borland International Inc. za TurboAssembler a TurboDebugger Skole za to,ze mi umoznila nerusene programovat Firme Microsoft za "operacni system" MS-DOS,ktery byl koncipovan primo pro viry. Na prikladu WINDOWS 95 je jasne videt,ze se stale teto filozofie nevzdavaji. Mozna by si meli neco precist o protected modu a preemtivnim multitaskingu.
At zije SOSE v Brne na Obranske !!

{Approximate meaning – Greetings, the virus AntiSkola introduces itself. This virus was written as a demonstration of ideal survival in school environment. I hope you will like it. My thanks go especially to: Company Borland International Inc. for TurboAssembler and TurboDebugger, my school for enabling me an undisturbed programming, and to Microsoft for “operating system“ MS-DOS which was created as for viruses. On the example of Windows 95 it can be clearly seen that they still do not give up this philosophy. Perhaps they should read something about a protected mode and pre-emptive multitasking. Long live the secondary school for electrotechnics in Brno!)

There is also another text string in the body:


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