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Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean is a parasitic, resident and polymorphic virus infecting COM and EXE files. Effective length of its body is 2571 bytes. Atlantic Ocean is clearly a successor of the virus Anti-PC Revue.1958. On New Year’s Eve, with every key that is pressed the virus will change all characters on the screen for an equivalent in “hacker script“. Because of an erroneous condition in a jump the effect is gradually invalidated. On March 20, in the same way, characters written on keyboard are being changed to “hacker script“. The virus contains coded texts. When at the first run hours are equal to minutes it displays the following text:

This is an Atlantic Ocean I Virus (C) 1997 by #13

When number of seconds is less than 10 the virus writes the following string, unfortunately because of an error with the end remaining coded:

Listen to Radio RAGTIME 106.6 FM! [and use MSDOS 95 to keep #13 alive]
The virus does not display the following strings:
Dedicated to the one I love
heuristics :-(, string check :-)
This is [Atlantic Ocean I] by #13

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