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Typical for the Barrotes family of viruses is infection of file C:\COMMAND.COM when this is installed into memory. At the same time they hook INT 21h.

Barrotes.840, Barrotes.849

The effect of these two viruses is restricted to infect only files of COM type. When checking the file it is not possible not to notice the uncoded string by the end:


In case of Barrotes.840 infection the last two characters are “OS”, Barrotes.849 has “SO” at the end. On January 5th the viruses overwrite the MBR of hard disc and the following text will appear on monitor:

Virus Barrotes por Osoft

Barrotes.1176, Barrotes.1194, Barrotes.1303, Barrotes.1447, Barrotes.1463

All these viruses are resident COM and EXE infectors that infect COMMAMD.COM. They differ in some strings in the body and in the way of appearance. In most cases they delete the MBR on January 5th and in the top left corner of the monitor the following text will appear:

Virus Barrotes por Osoft

and the viruses display some vertical lines. Some variants do not destroy MBR contents.

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