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This virus comes from Italy. It is a parasitic, polymorphic, resident COM infector. It identifies itself as a ”semi-stealth” virus and that is more or less correct. It infects files larger than 400 and smaller than 62000 bytes. Increase in length is about 2 kB. It avoids programs which have as first 4 characters one of the following strings TBAV, TBSC, TBCL, TBDR, F-PR, F-TE, SVIR, SCAN, CLEA, VSHI, MSAV, VSAF, CPAV, VWAT, IBMA, NAV., FIND, TOOL, AVSC, DISK, DE.E, DEBU or TD.E. The virus may surprise us in October with writing data from BIOS into first two sectors of hard disk in the following form:

the [BillGates] Virus is power-on!! Have you got a BACKUP of your HD??!?
[BillGates] Virus : RamResident .COM Infector Semi-Stealth Virus,
Variable Crypto-Key and, Polymorphic Encryption!!
(c) Microsoft
Written in COSENZA (Italy, April 1995)
Freddie (Mercury) lives...somewhere in time

The last sentence is a paraphrase of the text in the virus Dark Avenger, which goes like this:


Eddie lives...... Somewhere in Time!

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