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This is a resident boot infector. Its name is a typical example of lack of fantasy – 437 is the code length in bytes. Code of the virus is a bit different from the common cliché. On hard disk it does not infect the Master Boot Record MBR but boot sector of active partition regardless of its type. The worst thing is that because of its simplicity the virus is not able to calculate correctly the parameters of various diskettes. For example, with a 3.5 inches HD diskette, it will not land at the end of the root directory when saving the original boot. That will cause an interesting effect known among the experts as “scattered tea” when its contents are being viewed. This will usually reveal its presence even to non-professionals. The virus can manage saving the original boot to the obligatory sixth sector of side zero on hard disk, what is a good luck for users. Of course, as all boot viruses, it will infect every diskette that is not write- protected.

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