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W97M/Bottra.A is a macro virus operating in the Microsoft Word 97 environments. It attacks active documents and the global template Infection by the virus is indicated by presence of file tk.mxc vin in the root directory of the disk C:.
After the infected document is opened the virus exports its body to the file c:\tk.mxc. It attacks the global template and opened file by importing its code from the created file into them. It attacks an opened document by importing the virus code into it from the created file. After operating in the the global template the virus attacks all documents when they are opened.
W97M/Bottra.A makes menu items Tools/Macro in the Word menu inaccessible. At the same time it turns the Word anti-virus protection off, it disables interruption of the activity by means of keyboard, suppresses displaying of warning windows at writing into the global template and sets the level of safety for Word to the lowest possible level.

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