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Bye is a resident boot virus. When the system is booted from an infected diskette the virus installs itself into memory, hooks interrupt INT 13h and infects hard disk’s MBR. It infects boot sectors of diskettes inserted into the drive if they are not write-protected. The way of saving the virus is interesting: in the boot sector or in MBR there is only a 49 bytes long fragment of the Bye virus which will install the rest of the body. Body of virus is stored in last two sectors of a diskette what reduces the number of usable sectors by two. On the hard disk, the virus body is stored in the last two sectors of the active partition. That modifies the size of the partition adequately. The virus correctly recognizes disks of capacity above 32 MB and does not repeat the error known from the virus Flip. If logical product of the order of the day in month and two is not zero the virus will display the following text:

Bye by C&C

And as a result the computer will “freeze”.

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