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VBS/Claus.A is a script worm spreading as an email file attachment.  It is written in Visual Basic Script.  For its activity it requires Windows Scripting Host to be installed on the target computer.  The worm arrives in a message with the subject Santa Claus surprise.  In the body of the message the following text can be found: Would you like to see what's doing Santa Claus during his free time?  In the message attachment is the file S.Claus.vbs in which the worm code is located.  After activation the worm sends out messages with its copy in attachment. After that it displays a window announcing an error:



The worm tries to infect files with the extension .vbs on accessible network disks.  At the end of its activity it creates the file read.txt in the menu with programs. There is the following text in the file:

Your computer was successfully infected

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