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WM/CopyCap.A is a macro virus operating in the Microsoft Word environment. It consists of macros with names CS77, AutoExec, AutoOpen, FileOpen, FileSave, AutoClose, FileClose, FileSaveAs, ToolsMacro, FileTemplates and ToolsCustomize.
The macro CS77 contains its own code which spreads the WM/CopyCap.A. In the macro code are the following lines with notes:

'C.P.A.V: Comp5t4r Po1nt 4nti Viru5.. Bye..Bye..
'"4L13n'5" (eN4nk1Y@
'Chiepoe that, 14iN, Dic 2000.
'P.D. Aug igal ngisup nad StreSS!!! Alig ul .. taub Suriv Orcam ..!

WM/CopyCap.A attacks documents when they are being opened, closed, saved and saved under a new name.
The macros ToolsMacro, FileTemplates and ToolsCustomize do not contain any code and they are intended only to protect the virus from being detected.

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