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This is a simple memory resident COM infector. It infects files when they are executed. It increases their length by 862 bytes of its body. When the virus is installed into memory it tests the system date. If it finds out that the date is minimum September 1993 it installs its own INT 1Ch service (system timer) and INT 9 (keyboard). After some time after the virus activation these cause that a light blue frame with red text “Dej mi susenku” (meaning: Give me a biscuit) is displayed on the screen. If we, using the keyboard, write “susenka” (a biscuit) the frame disappears and the virus let us continue to work. The virus gradually shortens the intervals between repeated requests for “susenka”. If it finds out that the 14th day of a month is Friday its manifestation becomes extraordinary unpleasant. In that case it overwrites the hard disk’s MBR; this causes that the computer will not be functional when the next attempt to load the system from hard disk takes place. The computer will have to be given into hands of an expert who may be able to remove the damage caused by the virus.

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