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Disk Killer

This boot virus is 5 sectors long. Its first part in the boot sector is one sector long, the rest of the virus with the length of four sectors as well as the original boot sector are located in five consecutive sectors. The virus marks the respective allocation unit as erroneous. Boot sector of the hard disk is infected only if there are 5 or more free sectors between the boot sector and the first FAT. In this case the virus infects last 5 free sectors before the first FAT copy. If the total time of virus activity from the infection is 40 hours the following happens

  1. On the monitor the following text is displayed: Disk Killer -- Version 1.00 by COMPUTER OGRE 04/01/1989
    Warning !! Don't turn off the power or remove diskette While Disk Killer is Processing !
  2. The virus encodes all media sides, the even ones with 0AAh, and the odd ones with 55h. This is a reversible operation if the user respects the instruction from the point 1 above.
  3. On the monitor the following text is displayed:
    Now you can turn off the power I wishyou luck
  4. The computer “freezes”.

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