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This is a resident, stealth boot virus. Each attempt to load system from an infected diskette causes that the virus installs itself into memory. Diskettes are attacked at every operation done with them; the virus formats an additional side (41st with 360 KB diskettes and 81st with 1.2 MB diskettes). The virus body is then located into that side, while the boot sector contains only a short leader. In case of a hard disk the virus locates itself into sectors lying behind it and modifies the pointer to the active partition boot sector. Sometimes virus writes the text:

Haha, vírus van a gépben!! Ez egy eddig még ném közismert vírus. De hamarosan az lesz. A neve egyszerüen töltögetö. Ezt a nevét onnan kapta, hogy feltöltögeti a FAT-táblát kölömbözö alakzatokkal. Ez már meg is történt !!!

The virus then overwrites FAT.

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