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Flip is a multi-partite virus. It attacks not only COM and EXE files but also hard disk’s MBR. When it is installed into memory it finds out the original address of interrupts services by means of tunnelling, and attacks MBR. Before the virus writes its body, it encrypts it using always a different decryptor. The virus presents itself as follows: on the second day in a month, after 4 o’clock in the afternoon, it will turn the contents of the screen upside down around an imaginary centre. By doing so the first line becomes the last one; at the same time everything from the right side is moved to the left side. When infecting MBR the virus has difficulties with disks of capacity higher than 32 MB {at time of its origin disk like that were rare}; while manipulating the partition table it can reduce their size below 32 MB. There are also variants of this virus 2153 and 2343 bytes long, in rare cases even different ones.

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