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Form is a simple boot virus originating probably in Switzerland. When an attempt is made to load the system from an infected diskette the virus installs itself into the protected storage area; it creates it by decreasing the amount of DOS usable memory by 2 KB. After that it infects the boot sector of hard disk and moves its original contents into the last two sectors; it does not protect them in any way. Upon accessing a not write-protected diskette in the drive the virus stores the original boot sector in allocation unit, marks it as erroneous, and attacks the diskettes boot sector. On each 24th day in a month the virus presents itself by a sound, accompanying keystrokes. It contains the following text:

The FORM Virus sends greetings to everyone who's reading this text.
FORM doesn't destroy data! Don't panic! Fuckings go to Corinne.

There are also other, only slightly different variants.

FORM.C : the sound effect is presented only in May.
FORM.D : the virus body is stored on the hard disk behind the disk partition table.

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