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This is a stealth boot virus. When an attempt is made to load the system from an infected diskette the virus installs itself into memory and attacks the hard disk MBR. It attacks all diskettes that are not write-protected. Depending on the internal counter it deletes sectors on the disk. In the virus body are the following strings:

Frankenstein's Magic v1.00a (C) Copyright 1992, Megatrends 2000 Corp. The Johan family ---- HISTORY ---I born at 11 October 1992 - 7 pm o'clock. My mission is make all Diskette DESTROY if my 3 Counter same. My name is Frankenstein's Magic v1.00a my Copyright is (C) Copyright 1992, Megatrends 2000 Corp. The Johan family is my best family. WARNING : I will DESTROY you disk if touch me!!! if you want my listing, please write you name in MikroData this change only three times. I protect you HardDisk from Illegal hand and I count my children, Good bye.

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