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Markt is a parasitic, non-resident, encrypted COM infector. In spite of the fact that the virus is not resident it appears on the list “In the wild” where the most spread viruses are entered. The virus attacks files with length up to 63746 bytes but programs with length of 1701 bytes are not attacked. The virus does not attack files starting with characters MZ, ZM or with the two NOP instructions. If an infected file is executed from a diskette the virus destroys the MBR contents of the disk C:, the same happens when an infected file is run from the disks F: and O:. After that the virus ends up in an endless cycle. The virus tests whether the date is September 9th. If it is, a skull and a colourful note will appear on the screen.

Ups, all Disk's from C: to Z: Trashed! Sorry about that! to ALL Military Inventors its Time to give us the Tachyonator!

Then the virus overwrites disks marked by letters C: to Z: and ends up in an endless cycle. Before the virus end there is the following visible text string:

MediaMarkt WerbeVirus '94 (c) MediaMarkt Germany The Wizard

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