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W97M/Melissa.O is a macro virus operating in the Microsoft Word 97 environment. It uses the "class" method of infection- It attacks the global template and Word documents. It is derived from the virus W97M/Melissa.A. It spreads also by means of files in attachment of e-mail messages.
After opening an infected document the virus disables display of warnings on presence and conversion of macros and on storing the template. It sends a message to the first 100 e-mail addresses from the Microsoft Outlook address book. The subject of the message is Duhalde Presidente name of the Word user, where instead of the string name of the Word user is written the name to which is the Word registered. Body of the message is formed by text "Programa de gobierno 1999 - 2004.". Name of the file in the attachment is identical with the name of the infected document.
Also this variant contains an activating routine which is to write the text. The routine is activated in case that the virus was activated at an instant when the ordinal number of the day in a month increased by one was identical with the number of minutes of the current time increased by two. The note consists of displaying an empty string.

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