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Pieck is a multi-partite, resident, stealth EXE infector. It utilizes the successful strategy known from PL or One Half viruses. When an infected program is started the virus checks the version of DOS. If it is higher than DOS 5.x the virus infects MBR. It attacks only files which are saved on exchangeable media. Pieck increases their size by 2016 bytes. The date of activation is March 3rd. On that day before booting the system the virus writes:

Podaj haslo ? (meaning: give password)

and waits what we will write. If we give the password “pieck” the virus will write the following greeting:

Pozdrowienia dla wychowankov Pieck'a.

And it continues in normal way. If we do not guess the password correctly the virus will write:

Blad !

And the computer “freezes”.
The Pieck virus is related to the Kaczor virus.

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