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Semtex.515, Semtex.619, Semtex.686, Semtex.1000

Common feature for all these viruses is that they are simple resident COM infectors which preserve the original date and time of file creation. Files are attacked when they are opened for reading or writing. Moreover, the variants Semtex.1000 and Semtex.619 also attack an appropriate file when it is executed. All these viruses manifest themselves by a graphic effect consisting of writing random bytes on the screen. Semtex.515 does so always after infecting 50 files, Semtex.686 every hour on the hour. There are the following uncoded texts in the body of the viruses:

Semtex.515, Semtex.619, Semtex.1000a:
S E M T E X by Dusan Toman, CZECHOSLOVAKIA (7)213-040 or (804)212-23

!!! explosive !!! S E M T E X !!! explosive !!! Written by Dusan Toman, CZECHOSLOVAKIA Pyrotechnician Lilo Hedera (7)213-040 or (804)212-23

S E M T E X by Dusan Toman, CZECHOSLOVAKIA *** Have a nice day ***

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