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Aliases: EPOC/Modile.A!Trojan, SymbOS_QDIAL.A, SymbOS/Mquito, SymbOS/QDial26, SymbOS/Toquimos.A, Troj/Mosqit-A, Trojan.Mos, Trojan.Mquito, Trojan.SymbianOS.Mosqit.A, Trojan.SymbOS.Mosquit.a
Type: Trojan
Affect: Sybian EPOC OS

SymbOS/Mosquit.A is a Trojan aimed at people who pirate the cell phone game called "Mosquitos". This Trojan will only run on Symbian based devices, such as Nokia 3650 or Nokia 7650. This Trojan is written into the SIS files "Mosquitos Cracked by Soddom.SIS", 140599 bytes in size, and "Mosquitos Cracked by Soddom V2.0.SIS", 140597 bytes in size.

Note: The Trojan might be included in other file names as well.

The Trojan will send a short message (SMS) to European service numbers, without the knowledge or consent of the user, when no valid license for this game is installed. Mosquit.A is known to call numbers on the list below.

Phone Number: 3333 Text: 000152715
Phone Number: 9222 Text: 001152715
Phone Number: 4636 Text: 005152715
Phone Number: 87140 Text: 001151183
Phone Number: 87140 Text: king.001151183

Note: the word "king" was included in the SymbOS/Mosquit.A1 version to avoid previous antivirus detection and to distinguish the versions.

The Trojan will display the following text:

This version has been cracked by SODDOM BIN LOADER
No rights reserved.
Pirate copies are illegal and offenders will have lotz of phun!!!

History: Analysis and Write-up by: Michael St. Neitzel