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VBS/SSIWG is a generic name for a worm written in the language Visual Basic Script (VBS), created using the  SSIGW script worms’ generator.  This generator enables simple generation of a worm which spreads by email.  Persons generating a worm need no knowledge on VBS.
The generator enables the subject and body of the email message in attachment of which the worm will be spread to be altered. It enables people to create a worm which is able to spread in a local computer network or a worm which has its body encrypted.
NOD32 detects the generator SSIWG as Constructor.SSIWG.10 and worms created by it heuristically as SCRIPT virus.  There is also an improved variant of the generator which is in addition able to activate the worm after the system restart from the system registry, where it creates for that purpose a key. NOD32 detects worms created by this generator as VBS/SSIWG.gen.  The generator itself is detected as Constructor.SSIWG.20.

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