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This is a stealth macro virus written especially for Word from the Office 97 package. Its author is person nicknamed DarkChasm from the group SLAM. The virus contains seven macros with names AutoOpen, AutoClose, FileSaveAs, ToolsMacro, FileTemplates, ViewVBCode and Calendar. The first three serve for infecting, i.e. the virus infects documents when they are opened, closed and saved under a new name. But in case of infection you will not see these names. At an attempt to choose the item “Macro” in the submenu “Tools” a message announces that you are not allowed to do that. The virus turns off the Word report on macros in file. The last macro ensures the infected user is permanently informed about various holydays. We will have a look into the list of holydays with messages:

 1. January - New Year’s Day
20. January - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
12. February - President Lincoln‘s Birthday and Ash Wednesday
14. February - Valentine‘s Day
17. February - Presidents Day
22. February - President Washington‘s Birthday
17. March - St. Patrick‘s Day
23. March - Palm Sunday
28. March - Good Friday
30. March - Easter
22. April - Passover
 9. May - Calendar, coded by DarkChasm [SLAM]
11. May - Mother‘s Day
17. May - Armed Forces Day
19. May - Victoria Day
26. May - Memorial Day Observed
30. May - Traditional Memorial Day
15. June - Father‘s Day
 1. July - Canada Day
 4. July - Independence Day
 2. October - Rosh Hashonah
11. October - Yom Kippur
12. October - Columbus Day
13. October - Columbus Day Observed
16. October - Happy Birthday DarkChasm
24. October - United Nations Day
31. October - Halloween
 4. November - Election Day
11. November - Veteran‘s Day
27. November - ThanksGiving Day
21. December - Happy Birthday Christy
24. December - Christmas Eve and Hanukkah
25. December - Christmas
31. December - New Year‘s Eve

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