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Aliases: W32.Bymer.B, W32.HLLW.Bymer

Win32/MSInit.B is a worm written in a higher program language.  Its size is 220672 bytes, but to decrease the length of its code the worm is compressed by means of the utility UPX.  After unpacking, its size grows to 274432 bytes.  The worm operates in Windows operating system environment and is able to spread by means of a computer network.
Win32/MSInit.B is a modification of the worm Win32/MSInit.A.  Its greater size is caused by the fact that this variant does not copy the client for RC from the attacked computer but carries it right in its body.  It contains more differences especially in names of created files; some of them are partially altered randomly.
This variant copies files not only to the directory Windows/System but also to the directory Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp.  From other points of view its function is identical with Win32/MSInit.A.

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