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Win32/Sobig.C was discovered in e-mail attachments on May 31, 2003. The similarity with Sobig.B (Aka Palyh.A) is, among other things, manifested in the 'Sender' field. While the B variant pretended to be sent from the Microsoft support, the new variant is even more 'personal', it pretends (in some cases) to be coming from the Microsoft founder himself: "". Other alternative senders are also possible.

Several alternative subject may appear in the infected e-mail, selected from the following list:

Re: Application
Re: Your application
Re: Approved
Re: 45443-343556
Re: Submited (004756-3463)
Re: Movie
Re: Screensaver

The infected message body is limited to a simple suggestion:

Please see the attached file

The malicious payload is activated when a user clicks the infected attachment on an unprotected computer. The attachment can have one of the names in the following list:


To provide worm's further activation, the following new item, "System MScvb" with the path pointing to mscvb.exe file (the worm) located in the Windows System directory is created in the registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.

The worm is also able to spread in network environment in the same way as variant B.

Clients using NOD32, v.1.422, are fully protected against the worm.

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