ESET Webcasts

Endpoint Security Analysis: What is driving the endpoint market now and forecas

Presenter: Martha Vazquez,Industry Analyst, Network Security- Information & Communication Technologies, Frost & Sullivan

Scheduled Time: Recorded on Sep 19, 2012
Duration: 52min 5sec

Endpoint security remains a key component necessary for thwarting against malware threats and attacks to end users. It is inevitable that the threat landscape is changing as more various types of endpoints are introduced into the market. As the internet becomes more prominent among end users, endpoint devices have grown in the industry, ranging from laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. The increasing number of endpoints entering the market is making it easier for cyber criminals to distribute malware. Cyber criminals are now finding more advanced and complex ways to spread malware to various types of endpoints. In this webcast, we will discuss what is driving the endpoint security market and what key features are necessary for consumers and organizations to protect against these ongoing threats.