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Step 1 - Creating and Managing a Cybersecurity Policy: Tips for the SMB

Presenter: Stephen Cobb, Security Evangelist, ESET

Scheduled Time: Recorded on Oct 12, 2011
Duration: 56min 33sec

SMB Cybersecurity Challenge - Webcast Series Part 2 Join Stephen Cobb, Security Evangelist at ESET to discover how: - Vulnerable SMBs like yours really are - You can establish a cybersecurity policy for your organization - You can to defend your company ? and its employees, partners and customers ? against online attacks. Many small and medium-size businesses (SMB) operate under the mistaken impression that their size, or the minimal security steps that they have already taken, will protect them from cyberattacks. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce?s publication, Commonsense Guide to Cyber Security for Small Businesses, ?This assumption is both inaccurate and dangerous. Attacks on information systems operated by small and midsize companies are growing rapidly and are having a severe impact on business operations? Neither the size of your company nor the type of your business guarantees protection from an attack. If you use the Internet, you are vulnerable.? Speakers: Stephen Cobb, Security Evangelist, ESET Moderator: Steve Kovsky, Technology Journalist and Director of Community Outreach , Securing Our eCity