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Step 2 - Securing Your Network:Safeguarding Business Data-at Work & at Home

Presenter: Mark Culp, Supervising Special Agent, FBI; Glenn E. Jacobs, Cybersecurity Expert, Author & Consultant

Scheduled Time: Recorded on Oct 19, 2011
Duration: 55min 14sec

SMB Cybersecurity Challenge - Webcast Series Part 3 Join FBI Supervising Special Agent, Mark Culp, and Author Glenn Jacobs, as they provide your business: >> Tips and best practices to prevent an attack from occurring >> Important steps to take when a cyber break-in has been discovered >> How to bring perpetrators to justice and recoup your losses When it comes to being a victim of cybercrime, size does matter: “The sting of a cybercrime is not felt equally across the board. A small company may NOT be able to survive even one significant cyberattack.” This chilling testimony to the extreme vulnerability of small and midsize businesses was delivered to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism this spring by the FBI’s Cyber Division Assistant Director Gordon M. Snow. The implications to your business are clear. The question is, what can you do about it? NOTE: The first 50 live attendees will receive a free PDF copy of speaker Glenn Jacobs new book, Is Your Computer Bugged – Protecting Your Computer from Cyber Attack.